Every member of the Goblin village is hungry, and you must prepare their lunch in order to get the Frog ingredient in Roblox Wacky Wizards. Various ingredients are scattered around the goblin village, so for the most part you won’t need to travel to your own cauldron.

Below are all the potions (ahem, meals) you must brew for each goblin.

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All Stews for Each Goblin

Each Goblin requires a different type of stew, and brewing them requires placing one ingredient into the stew cauldron. Most of the ingredients required are scattered around the village, so you won’t have to travel far. Refer to the list below in order to make the correct stew for each goblin.

  • Goblin Leader (Spicy Stew): Chilli ingredient
  • Vegan Goblin (Beans Stew): Beans ingredient
  • Midget Goblin (Giant Stew): Giant’s Ear
  • Kid Goblin (Noodle Stew): Pool Noodle
  • Fat Goblin (…You…Stew): You

In order to make the Fat Goblin’s stew, you must teleport to your potion and make a Shrink Ray potion (Fairy + Chameleon). This is the only stew that requires you to report to your own cauldron.

With the Shrink Ray potion in hand, run back to the stew cauldron in the Goblin Village. Hop onto the stew cauldron and drink the Shrink Ray potion. This will cause you to shrink inside the cauldron and die. Run back to the Goblin Village, grab the stew from the cauldron, and hand it to the Fat Goblin.

After you have prepared lunch for every goblin in the village, speak to the Goblin Leader, who will reward you with the Frog ingredient. Once the Frog ingredient is placed in your hand, it is yours to keep forever in Roblox Wacky Wizards.

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