The Call of Duty and Sony collaboration has brought several exclusive content and rewards for PlayStation users. PS4 and PS5 players previously received one-year exclusive access to game modes such as Spec-Ops in Modern Warfare and Onslaught Zombies in Black Ops Cold Wars.

Vanguard players with a PlayStation Plus subscription receive the Season One Combat Pack for free. In order to get the rewards, all you need to do is install Vanguard Season One and run the game on your PS5 or PS4 console. The following rewards are included in the Combat Pack:

  • Epic Operator skin for Lucas Riggs
  • Legendary Blue Glitz Einhorn Revolving Shotgun blueprint with 10 attachments
  • Legendary Mermaid Scale Melee blueprint
  • Emblem
  • Watch
  • Sticker
  • Calling Card
  • 60 minute 2XP token

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Although Vanguard doesn’t have a PS exclusive game mode, it offers the console players some irresistible rewards and bonuses. In addition to the Seasonal Combat Pack, Call of Duty: Vanguard features other exclusive rewards including the following:

  • Additional five tier skips with the Battle Pass Bundle
  • Additional 25 percent weapon XP when teaming up with friends on PlayStation
  • Monthly 2XP events for 24 hours each.
  • Additional two loadout slots

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