Similar to the Happy New Year Rat from 2020 and the Happy New Year Ox from 2021, the New Year Tiger is meant to celebrate Chinese New Year and the Chinese zodiac animal, the tiger. Unfortunately however, only a handful of players will be able to obtain this item and join in on the celebrations, as it’s currently an IOS exclusive, and is only available until Jan. 5, 2021. If you have an IOS device and are wondering how to unlock this furry friend, continue reading below—if you don’t have an IOS device, we still wish you a Happy Chinese New Year from PGG!

Unlocking New Year Tiger

In order to receive the New Year Tiger, you’ll first need to access the Roblox mobile app on either your iPhone or iPad. Once you’ve done this, follow the steps below.

  • Locate the image of your avatar from the navigation menu at the bottom of your screen
  • Click the image—this will bring up the avatar editor
  • Press Shop
  • Click the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner
  • Type New Year Tiger in the search bar that appears and press Search once you’ve finished
  • Click the New Year Tiger accessory—it should be listed first in the results
  • Click the green Free button once the accessory preview has loaded
  • From the pop up that appears, press Get
  • You now have the New Year Tiger!

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Will the New Year Tiger be available after Jan. 5?

While it’s unknown if the New Year Tiger will eventually come back and be consistently available like the other new year animals, the current assumption is that after Jan. 5 it will go off-sale forever—so if you’re interested in adding it to your avatar closet, do so now!

What does the Year of the Tiger mean?

Each year the Chinese zodiac recognizes one of twelve sacred animals to represent the coming months and offer a look into the future—for 2022, it’s the Year of the Tiger. From Feb. 1, 2022, to Jan. 21, 2023, it’s observed within the Chinese zodiac that those with the Tiger sign, or those born in 2022201019981986197419621950, or 1938, will likely be blessed with a prosperous year of good fortune and luck. Though this is the Year of the Tiger, those who do not fall under the Tiger sign can still have good luck as well!

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