Fortnite has officially announced their Valentine’s Day event this year is the Fortnite Creative Mayhem event, Love Is In The Air. One reward for this event is the Mace of Hearts pickaxe, which is part of the currently unreleased Royale Flush cosmetic set! To get it, you must complete a very simple task.

How to get the Mace of Hearts pickaxe for Free

There are two parts to getting the Mace of Hearts. Neither one of them is difficult, but one of them requires a little waiting. The steps are all outlined in the list below.

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  1. Step One: Register for the event.
    1. Go to the Creative Mayhem Love Is In The Air event registration page.
    2. If you’re not already logged in, click the yellow Get Started button to log in and register. After completing this step, you will receive the Love Reigns emoticon.
    3. When you’re logged in, the page will automatically navigate you to the event’s main page.
  2. Step Two: Wait or Play the game.
    1. Join the Creative Mayhem map by entering the following map code in the Island Code tab on the gamemode selection screen: 7266-3680-0768. The title should be called Synthrace Qualifier | Creative Mayhem 2
    2. When playing the Creative Mayhem map, stay in the game for at least 30 minutes total (can be done across multiple sessions).

Once you have completed the steps above, you’ll unlock the Mace of Hearts pickaxe for free! Additionally, if you continue to participate in the event, you’ll have a chance at playing in the Creative Mayhem finals with one of your favorite Fortnite content Creators!

Want more info about the event? Check out our guide on how to submit a time in the Fortnite Creative Mayhem event to try to be on the same team as your favorite streamers!

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