Players can redeem two KSI Avatar items for free to celebrate the KSI Launch Party experience. These items are the Golden Headphones – KSI and the AOTP Hat – KSI, two hat accessories themed around the English rapper/content creator. To get these items, players must make sure they are signed into Roblox and follow the links below.

After signing into Roblox, click both links below, which will direct you to each item’s Roblox avatar item page. Then click Get next to each item to redeem the hat accessories for free.

  • Golden Headphones – KSI
  • AOTP Hat – KSI

Once redeemed, these items will be yours to keep forever. To access them, head over to your Roblox Inventory or the Avatar editor to equip or unequip the items whenever you see fit.

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The Golden Headphones and AOTP Hat released on the Roblox Avatar Shop to kick off the KSI Launch Party. This experience celebrates KSI’s July 2021 album, All Over the Place, with an exclusive concert, Q&A, and minigames.

The KSI Launch Party recreates London in a virtual setting and includes a VIP rooftop after party with KSI, car racing, and additional KSI merch that players can purchase with Robux.

The concert kicks goes live on Friday, Aug. 15 at 4pm PDT / 7pm EST / 12am BST. Don’t worry if you can’t attend the first showing, the concert will repeat every hour on the hour until Sunday, Aug. 15 at 11pm PDT. After that Sunday, the concert will no longer repeat in-game and players will have to watch a recorded video to view the performance.

KSI is well-known as a British internet personality who gained attention on YouTube for gaming commentary videos and for boxing fellow YouTuber Logan Paul. Following his gaming videos, KSI branched out into vlog-type style content creation and joined the British entertainment group, Sidemen. As KSI’s popularity grew, the YouTuber entered the music industry, whose debut studio album Dissimulation charted at number 2 on the UK Album charts, while achieving 12 top 40 singles on the UK singles chart.

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