If you’ve seen the mysteriously locked gate behind the egg shop, you may have wondered what’s inside. This is the Forsake Gate that guards a secret egg. Read the article below to find out where the gate is, what’s in it, and what steps you need to unlock it.

What & Where

The Forsaken Gate is a bit odd because it is hidden in plain sight. You’ll need to head to the platform where you can shop for eggs. All the way up the steps you’ll see the gate against the wall. This is where you can access the gate once you have completed all the steps.

The reason you’ll want to open the Forsaken Gate is that it hides a big prize. When you finally unlock the door, you’ll be able to receive the coveted Dominus Egg.

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Unlock All Areas & Pay Diamonds

To get the gate open, you’ll first need to get plenty of coins. This is because you need to unlock every world (except for the Fantasy Coin place). Then, you’ll need to be prepared with 100,000 diamonds, since you’ll need this to get access. Once you have completed these two steps, go back to the gate and you’ll be ready.

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