Creating funny and cool-looking crosshairs has been an integral part of the Valorant community for a long time. With the introduction of the new advanced crosshair customization feature in the latest 4.02 update, several trolls/funny crosshairs are being designed and circulated among the community. One such meme of a crosshair is the Flappy Birds crosshair. There are several variations to the crosshair, but the popular one is the new Flappy Bird Pipe Variation with only two pipes. To make a Flappy Bird Crosshair, you must turn on both Inner and Outer lines while switching off the center dot.  

Valorant Flappy Bird Crosshair Code

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

The best way to get the Flappy Bird crosshair is to import it by copying the below code.

  • Code: 0;P;c;8;u;008000FF;t;3;o;1;b;1;0t;4;0l;0;0v;18;0g;1;0o;10;0a;1;0f;0;1t;10;1l;0;1v;4;1g;1;1o;7;1a;1;1m;0;1f;0

Valorant Flappy Bird Crosshair Settings

General Crosshair Settings

Color Code#008000
Outline Opacity1
Outline Thickness3
Center DotOff
Center Dot Opacity
Center Dot Thickness
Override Firing Error Offset With Crosshair OffsetOff
Override All Primary Crosshairs With my Crosshair OffsetOff

Inner Lines

Show Inner LinesOn
Inner Line Opacity1
Inner Line LengthL-0, R-18
Inner Line Thickness4
Inner Line Offset10
Movement ErrorOff
Firing ErrorOff

Outer Lines

Show Outer LinesOn
Outer Line Opacity1
Outer Line LengthL-0, R-4
Outer Line Thickness10
Outer Line Offset7
Movement ErrorOff
Firing ErrorOff

Valorant Flappy Bird Crosshair – Variation 2

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

It is the old variation of the Flappy Birds crosshair with four pipes along its edges.

  • Code: 0;P;c;1;t;3;o;1;f;0;0t;6;0l;20;0o;13;0a;1;0f;0;1t;9;1l;4;1o;9;1a;1;1m;0;1f;0

Is the crosshair any good?

No, both the crosshairs are not effective even for normal gameplay due to their ridiculous design pattern and large size. Use the crosshairs to troll your friends in custom or casual matches.

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