Fishing is a relaxing past time that also allows you to earn some money. To fish, you must first have a fishing rod. To get the fishing rod in Monster Harvest, you need to open the way to the Calming Cove.

Once you have the way, Vex will thank you and give you the fishing rod as well as offer to upgrade it if you bring the correct materials and money.

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To fish, simply cast your line into the water with the left mouse button or right mouse button. Using the left mouse button will cause you to autocast upon catching a fish. Using the right mouse button will not autocast. Once cast, simply click when the cursor is in the green bar and then continually press again until the green bar fills up the fishing meter.

There are numerous types of fish in Monster Harvest and they can only be caught in specific areas and times of day. You can find this information below:

BassGlowing GladeGlowing Glade
BluegillCalming CoveCalming Cove
CatfishFestival Area, North AreaDungeon, North Area
Clown FishXGlowing Glade, North Area
FlounderXFarm, North Area
PikeFarm, Festival AreaFarm
SalmonNorth AreaNorth Area
SquidXCalming Cove, Dungeon, Festival Area
SunfishGlowing GladeGlowing Glade
TroutFarm, Festival AreaFarm
TunaCalming CoveCalming Cove
TurbotXNorth Area
WalleyeXDungeon, Festival Area, Town

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