Players can earn the Fire Ball in NBA 2K22 in MyCareer and MyTeam. To earn the Fire Ball in MyCareer, your player must win 10 Park games in a row. To earn the Fire Ball in MyTeam, you must unlock all lower-tier basketballs to unlock it.

MyCareer Fire Ball

Winning 10 Park Games is no easy task, but if your team can win all those games, the ball will light on fire, and an announcement will be made to the entire Park that your team is on a hot streak. Be careful, other players may flock to your court to take you down or even get a chance to play with the Fire Ball. Unfortunately, the Fire Ball in MyCareer is not permanent, so it is definitely a rare sight to see in the Park.

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MyTeam Fire Ball

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The MyTeam Fire Ball is permanent, on the other hand, and is fairly difficult to unlock as well. You must unlock every tier of the basketball cards in MyTeam, which includes five Bronze-tier balls, 11 Silver-tier balls, and 10 Gold-tier balls. Collecting these basketballs can be time-consuming, but players can also purchase them from the Auction House for low prices.

Once all the bronze, silver, and gold tier balls are collected, you must also collect all of the reward balls. In total, to unlock the FIre Ball, you must collect the Holographic, Vintage, Beach, Pink Diamond, Diamond, and Amethyst Ball. Here is how to unlock each of these.

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  • Holographic Ball — Collect 10 of each Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald Token Reward players.
  • Vintage Ball — Collect all East Conference Balls
  • Beach Ball — Collect all West Conference Balls
  • Pink Diamond Ball — Collect 5 Pink Diamond Token Reward Players
  • Diamond Ball — Collect 5 Diamond Token Reward Players
  • Amethyst Ball — Collect 5 Amethyst Token Reward Players

Once those are all collected, you will unlock the Fire Ball, which can be used in any MyTeam game and has a unique animation of fire trailing the ball wherever it goes. The ball looks very similar to NBA 2K21’s Fire Ball, but this year, the Fire Ball needs to be collected to earn an even higher-tier ball.

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