Mounts are a stylish way to traverse the world of Final Fantasy XIV Online, and getting coveted mounts is one way to show your commitment to the game. One challenging mount to grab is the Fenrir.

The Fenrir mount can be bought for 1,000,000 Manderville Gold Saucer Points, or MGP, at The Manderville Golden Saucer. MGP is a currency exclusive to The Golden Saucer, Final Fantasy XIV’s minigame house.

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Players can participate in a handful of minigames that will reward them with MGP, though the grind to 1,000,000 MGP is an arduous one. The minigames available are listed below:

Chocobo RacingTrain, improve, and breed chocobos to create the perfect racing bird
Triple TriadTake part in Eorzea’s most popular deck-building card game
Lord of VerminionSummon minions to destroy opponent Arcana Stones in battle
Doman MahjongCompete to complete a winning hand of 14 tiles
Fashion ReportDress to impress the Masked Rose in this weekly competition
Mini Cactpot (Daily)Earn MGP points based on scratcher ticket numbers in this nine space card
Jumbo Cactpot (Weekly)Choose four digits for a weekly MGP lottery and a chance at riches.
GATE (Gold Saucer Active Time Events)These time-sensitive events allow multiple players to participate in a handful of minigames for substantial rewards.
Cliffhanger (GATE)Rescue a frightened hatchling Chocobo.
Any Way the Wind Blows (Gate)Avoid the blasts from a voidsent on a small stage.
Leap of Faith (GATE)Hop through this jumping puzzle, collecting trophies for extra MGP.
Air Force One (GATE)Shoot targets in this rail shooter. The more you hit, the more MGP you earn.
The Slice Is Right (GATE)Avoid Yojimbo’s strikes while collecting money on stage.
Monster TossMake as many baskets shots as you can before the timer expires (more shots=more MGP.)
Crystal Tower StrikerHit the top of this power tower to earn MGP in spades.
The Moogle’s PawGrab items in this Moogle-themed claw game. The smaller the target, the more points awarded.
Cuff-a-CurrPunch a target with precision for an MGP reward.
The Finer MinerSwing a pickaxe and find hidden ores.
Out on a LimbSwing a hatchet and discover timber in this mini-game.
Info via Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone

Milleus Vionnet spent weeks grinding for the mount but praises it for its stature and animations. She shared the above picture when she finally procured the Fenrir.

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