Final Fantasy XIV Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, or MMORPG, with a massive following. With tens of millions of registered players, the game is consistently picking up steam. With so many new players joining the world of Eorzea, it can be a bit overwhelming, especially for those hunting down coveted and adorable mounts.

The Fat Chocobo mount is a gift for every player who purchases the Collector’s Edition of Final Fantasy XIV. Users can buy the Collector’s Edition of Final Fantasy XIV outright from first-time players and veterans alike. Those interested can head to the Final Fantasy XIV: Mog Station to upgrade from the base version of the game for $19.99.

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While the Fat Chocobo is a Collector’s Edition exclusive, players can also acquire two other variants of this pudgy mount. Those who participate in 2021’s Final Fantasy XIV x Twitch collaborative campaign can earn the Fat Black Chocobo mount. The event runs from June 24, 2021 – August 24, 2021.

The other variant of this mount, the Parade Chocobo, rewards those who receive 3000 commendations from other players. Users can choose who to send commendations to at the end of cooperative tasks like roulettes, dungeons, and raids.

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