As Fall Guys arrives on Xbox, players can play the delightful title on more platforms. To further celebrate its launch, the Halo series and Fall Guys have joined forces and are giving away a Fall Guy-themed back accessory in Halo 3. Here is how to get the Bean-117 back attachment in Halo 3.

How to unlock the Fall Guy-117 back attachment in Halo 3

Unlocking the Fall Guy-117 back attachment in Master Chief Collection’s Halo 3 is incredibly easy. All you have to do is log in to Halo 3 in the MCC starting on June 29, 2022. You will find that the Fall Guy-117 back attachment will be in your inventory and ready to be equipped.

How to equip the Fall Guy-117 back attachment in Halo 3

Once you have acquired the Fall Guy-117 back attachment, you will need to equip it to show off your little bean buddy. Here is how to equip the Fall Guy-117 back attachment in Halo 3 in the Master Chief Collection.

  • Go to Halo 3’s customization.
  • Select Spartan Armor.
  • Navigate to the Back Accessory tab.
  • Select the Bean-117 cosmetic.

Once you equip this item, you will see a little Fall Guy bean dressed as Master Chief. It is even giving you a salute as if to say that it has your six. Unfortunately, it will not provide any protection if you get shot in the back.

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