The monkey Island franchise is one of the most loved in adventure game history. And the classic point-and-click laughs and puzzles are now back in Return to Monkey Island. Guybrush Threepwood is once again facing off against his arch enemy LeChuck, alongside a host of other series favorites. But to begin his latest adventure on Monkey Island, he first has to fool his way onto LeChuck’s ship. To do so he needs a disguise. So, how do you get the eyepatch in Return to Monkey Island so the Quartermaster doesn’t recognize you?  

Where can I get the enchanted eyepatch on Casual Mode in Return to Monkey Island?

You’ll find the eyepatch in a display case at the Museum of Pirate Lore. But you’ll need to do a bit of work if you’re going to be able to steal it. First, pop to see Wally the map maker, and take both monocles from the little box on the counter. Once you have both, combine them in your inventory to make a double monocle. Go to the Pirate Museum and use the double monocle on the lock of the display case. Take the serial number you get from the lock to the Locksmith in the High Street, who will make you the key you need. While in the Locksmiths, be sure to also grab the crackers from the counter.

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Go back to the Pirate Museum and feed the crackers to the guard parrot. While it is distracted eating, quickly use the key to open the case and swipe the eyepatch. Now, take the eyepatch to the International House of Mojo. Give the eyepatch to the Voodoo Lady, who will instill it with its lost magic. Once done, she’ll give you the Enchanted Eyepatch you need to get onto LeChuck’s ship.

How to get the eyepatch in Hard mode in Return to Monkey Island

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