In Roblox Raise a Floppa, players will have the option to get multiple endings and collect unique badges throughout their journey. The End Times badge is one of them, and to acquire this players will need to duplicate the Time Cube. Acquiring the Time Cube is a lengthy process that involves purchasing an Altar and raising Faith to 100%. We tried this in-game, and here’s how players can acquire the Time Cube as well as duplicate it to earn the End Times badge.

How to get the Time Cube in Roblox Raise a Floppa

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To acquire the Time Cube, you will have to start by purchasing the Altar for $500 from the Interwebs Item Shop computer. Then, you will have to increase the Alter’s faith by donating money. Each donation increases Faith by 4%, and you will have to continue doing it until Faith reaches 100%. It’s important to keep in mind that donations will fail if you don’t have the required amount. 

Reaching 100% Faith in the Alter requires around $16,000,000. We recommend players keep track of money as it’s one of the most required resources in the game. After raising 100% Faith, your Floppa will evolve and grow wings, while increasing its hunger level to 200%. Once that’s done, pray at the Altar, and you will see an option to Ascend. From here you will have to speak to the Elder Floppa and collect the Time Cube.

How to Duplicate the Time Cube in Roblox Raise a Floppa

The Item Duplicator costs around $500,000,000,000 and it can be purchased from the Interwebs Item Shop computer. After purchasing the Duplicator, you will have to duplicate the Time Cube. The computer will prompt players to not duplicate the Time Cube. Keep pressing the Duplicate Item button once each prompt ends.

The computer finally duplicates the Time Cube, and players will be blasted away from the Item Duplicator after it’s done. You will also notice a meteor shower, after which the End Times badge will be awarded. It is essential to save the game and turn off the Auto-Save feature before duplicating the Time Cube. This item can be used to acquire the Mysterious Orb and the Time Machine. Thus, increasing Faith to 100% opens up various opportunities to earn unique badges in the game!

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