The Eggcano ingredient blasted into Roblox Wacky Wizards during the Volcano event. In most circumstances we would warn against eating an Eggcano, but in Wacky Wizards that’s exactly what you should do! To get this ingredient, you’ll have to defeat the Bean Titan.

Step One: When the countdown reaches zero, Glinda the Witch and Oz the Wizard will bicker back and forth before something strange happens to the volcano… After their conversation, watch as the volcano erupts giant beans, launched directly at players. Avoid the beans as best you can.

Step Two: Eventually, Oz the Wizard will ask you to become a human sacrifice. To do so, simply run up to the Cannon in the middle of the cauldrons and touch the Cannon with your Avatar. This will launch you into the air, straight into the volcano.

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Step Three: Continue launching yourself into the Cannon until Oz the Wizard warns you of the next event: hot lava everywhere! Wait, are those beans? Regardless, find the nearest giant egg (sunny side up) and step onto the egg. Over time hot lava will fill the entire world, and your only chance of survival is to remain on the giant egg.

Step Four: After the egg segment, Oz the Wizard will ask you to make more human sacrifices. For another couple seconds, continue launching yourself into the volcano by touching the Cannon with your Avatar. Eventually, KSI will randomly appear near the volcano. Yes, thee KSI!

Step Five: After KSI appears, the final boss approaches: the Bean Titan! Using the cooperation of every player, create potions that cause damage. One of the easiest potions to make is the Explosive (7) potion, by placing one Dynamite into your cauldron. Pick up the Explosive potion from your cauldron and place it into the Cannon to launch the potion at the Bean Titan.

Continue launching explosive potions at the Bean Titan until all of his health depletes. If you and your Wacky Wizard friends are successful, the Bean Titan will drop the Eggcano ingredient in your hand. When you’ve defeated the Bean Titan, the Eggcano is your ingredient to keep forever.

Missed out on the event? Don’t worry, the Volcano event occurs in-game every 60 minutes. So if you missed the live event, you can always return every hour to defeat the Bean Titan for the Eggcano ingredient. The timer can always be checked on the volcano wall. Once the timer reaches zero, the event should begin.

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