The dynamite ingredient is a hidden ingredient that can only be found somewhere on the world area in Roblox Wacky Wizards. This ingredient can be found in the desert, just below the train tracks before crossing the large gap.

To get the dynamite ingredient, run toward the desert biome. This is a small biome in the corner of the world area with sand and a bunch of cacti scattered around. There is also a train track that serves as a bridge to cross the large gap in the desert.

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While in the desert, approach the train tracks and the large gap, but do not cross the gap. If you have crossed the large gap then you have gone too far. Instead, look just below the train tracks before crossing the bridge. The dynamite is stuck to the cliff wall below the train tracks.

If you’re having trouble locating this spot, check out the pictures below that provide both a birds-eye and close-up view of the dynamite ingredient location.

Click on the dynamite ingredient to hold it and run back to your cauldron. Place the dynamite on your table and it will be yours to keep. The dynamite ingredient can be used for lots of useful potions, such as the Explosive, Rocket, and Ticking potions, among dozens more.

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