Though sporting a top-down view more akin to Diablo or Path of ExileLost Ark is a hugely popular MMO chock-full of unique quests and challenges like the Raid Bulletin Board. Another example is the Island Tokens/Souls that players are tasked with collecting, like Drumbeat Island’s. However, some of these quests can be tricky, so here’s a walkthrough breaking down Drumbeat Island’s token.

How to get the Drumbeat Island Token

Where is Drumbeat Island in Lost Ark?

First, it is important to note that Drumbeat Island is not always available to be visited and will appear to players randomly. Secondly, when it does appear, it can be found in the Vern East Sea in a location East of the North Vern continent and Northeast of Pleccia. When the island appears, you will receive a notification, which will be shown on your map, making it easier for you to seek it out.

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Scholar Obitan

Upon reaching the island and making your way on land, you will come across Scholar Obitan, an NPC who will begin the chain for the token. The island is very small, so finding him should require nothing but a few steps forward. He will give the quest Mysterious Object, tasking you with looking through one of the telescopes found on the island. Simply click on one to look through it and then return to Obitan.

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Dangerous Debris

Obitan will then task you with gathering Shard Fragments within a designated time limit. Collecting 300 fragments within the time will complete the quest and begin the next quest immediately.

The Thing From the Sky!

The third and final quest is a group encounter requiring you and other players to beat up a giant slime, and other smaller enemies with a Rabbit Hammer found on the right side of the fighting area. Simply pound the slime out of as many enemies as possible, especially the giant slime, and you’ll receive plenty of rewards.

Unfortunate Drawbacks

The only problem with these quests and Drumbeat Island, in general, is twofold. First, as stated previously, the island cannot be visited anytime, becoming available randomly. Second, the Island Token is not a guaranteed reward from the giant slime event, meaning it may take multiple tries. The more players join in on the slime-pounding, the higher the chance of the token dropping.

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