Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker update brought plenty of new content for players to enjoy. Players can experience the Main Scenario Quest, attempt the Pandemonium raid, or collect several more mounts for their collection. One new mount added in Endwalker is the Dreadnaught, a colossal mech for players to get their hands on. Here’s how you can unlock this rare mount in Final Fantasy XIV.

The Dreadnaught mount is an exclusive reward for players who placed in the top 100 members of Player vs. Player’s The Feast Season 20. Each Data Center has individual rankings meaning there are 100 recipients per Data Center. Even still, only several hundred users will be skilled enough to earn this mount.

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To see who placed in the top 20 players in your data center, head over to the Final Fantasy XIV Feast Rankings. Make sure to select your data center when browsing the leaderboards.

Each season of The Feast gives a unique, rare mount, so if you’re interested in seeing if you have what it takes to grab next’s season’s rewards, head over to the Feast Page to learn more about the PvP in Final Fantasy XIV.

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