The Bakugan Launch Party has gone live on Roblox, and players can redeem lots of rewards from the experience. One of these items is the Drago Companion, a shoulder accessory modeled after the iconic dragonoid of the Geogan Rising series.

To get the Drago Companion, players must simply launch the Roblox Bakugan Launch Party experience for the first time. Upon entering the game, a message will pop up thanking players for entering the experience. As this message appears, players will receive the Dragonoid game badge and the Drago Companion shoulder item.

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Once redeemed, players can access the Drago Companion avatar item within their Avatar editor or Roblox Inventory. Whether you play on PC or mobile, both cosmetic menus are freely accessible on the Roblox platform.

The Bakugan Launch Party is a new experience that celebrates Bakugan Geogan Rising, a popular anime series from the Bakugan franchise. For the first time ever, Roblox will premiere a full-length television episode on the platform with Geogan Rising. By entering the Launch Party, players can watch the episode alongside one another in its entirety.

The Bakugan Geogan Rising episode 317 will air on the Launch Party before it releases on Netflix, starting on Wednesday, Sept. 8.

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