In As Dusk Falls, there are so many different outcomes that it would be impossible to keep track without your path map. On top of this, there are also hidden achievements down every path. We’ve got the breakdown on how to get the Dodged a Bullet achievement in As Dusk Falls, as well as what happens when you go with the opposing choice.

What happens if you warn Dale about the sniper?

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When Dale takes Vince out as the hostage to accompany him to speak to Sheriff Dante, a red dot slowly appears on his forehead. Vince takes notice and realizes a sniper is on the water tower and about to shoot Dale. If you choose to warn Dale, Vince and Dale will duck away just in time and begin running back toward the motel in an attempt to hide from the Sheriff. A shootout with police will begin as Tyler becomes enraged at the betrayal. If you choose this path, you’ll get the Dodged a Bullet achievement.

Does Dale die if you don’t warn him about the sniper in As Dusk Falls?

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If you choose the option of not warning Dale about the sniper bearing down on him, a moment of silence will pass. Then, Dale will be shot directly between the eyes by the sniper. He will fall dead to the ground, and Tyler will cry out in agony before starting a shootout with police. Vince and the Sheriff will briefly hide before Sheriff Dante tells Vince that he needs to go back in and find the black book. You will have to make a decision from here on how you wish to respond and continue the story. No achievement is awarded for not warning Dale about the sniper.

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