The Diablos Wings are a brand-new cosmetic item that were added to Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker on launch. This item adds a fearsome set of wings to your back, giving you the look of a demonic creature. 

To get the Diablos Wings, you’ll first need to unlock the Hunt Marks from Northota. She can be found at X:11.5, Y:13 in Old Sharlyan by the Scholar’s Docks. Once you’ve unlocked Hunts, you’ll be able to talk to J’lakshai, the <Guildship Hunt Vendor>, who is just next to Northota. 

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At the very top of her list of items for sale are the Diablos Wings. They cost 200 Sacks of Nuts. Sacks of Nuts are the currency acquired for killing Hunt Marks in both Shadowbringers and Endwalker. 

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To acquire Hunt Marks, you’ll need to check the Hunt Board and accept Mark Bills, which will give you a series of mobs to kill in the overworld. These range from common mobs that are easily killed on your own to Elite Marks that require a party of players to kill. You’ll receive between three to five Sacks of Nuts per Hunt Mark killed.

This means you’ll have to grind a little to be able to afford those Diablos Wings. But if you’ve got any Nuts saved up from Shadowbringers, you can use them, as the Hunt currency hasn’t changed for this expansion.

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