Making items to make survival more convenient for yourself in Grounded is one of the key aspects of gameplay. A Dew Collector is especially helpful for players, so it’s natural for you to want more information on how to get one for yourself. Here’s what you need to know about the recipe and procurement of items to make your own Dew Collector.

What is the recipe for the Dew Collector in Grounded?

Dew Collectors are extremely useful when playing Grounded. That’s because Dew is one of the best resources to hydrate yourself while surviving in the miniaturized wilderness. Instead of having to look above you and shake down grass blades, you can instead passively collect water. Here’s what you’ll need to make a Dew Collector:

  • Crude Rope
  • Pebblet
  • Silk Rope
  • Weed Stem

How to make a Dew Collector in Grounded

Thankfully, you can craft Dew Collectors in the world, meaning you don’t need a special item like a workbench (you can still use it if you’d like). Crude Rope and Pebblet are two of the easiest items to craft or find in-game, so you should have no trouble with these. The other two are a bit more tricky.

To get Weed Stem, you’ll need a level 2 axe, which is the Insect Axe. Then, use the axe to cut down either a Dandelion, Husky Weed, or Bur Weed. Any of these will produce a Weed Stem. Silk Rope is the hardest to produce because you need to put Web Fiber in a Spinning Wheel. Web fiber is dropped by spiders of many different types.

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