Any Final Fantasy XIV player knows that decorating your in-game house is one of the true final goals of the game. And luckily, Square Enix has added at least one new housing item that’s going to make a large portion of the roleplaying and house decorating playerbase very happy.

The Dancing Pole was added as a MGP prize in the Golden Saucer in 6.05. To get the Dancing Pole, head to The Golden Saucer, and speak to the Gold Saucer Attendant <Prize Claim>. They’re located at X: 5.1, Y: 6.7, behind the main counter.

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After talking to them, navigate to Prize Exchange II, and then to the tab labled Others. The Dancing Pole is a furnishing item with a blue icon. Alternatively click the Recently Added button at the top of the list to find it quicker.

The Dancing Pole costs 2000 MGP, which can easily be gathered in a few minutes if you don’t have enough. And while you’re browsing for the Dancing Pole, you can grab some more decorations for your house!

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While the Dancing Pole isn’t currently an interactable item, it’s perfect for roleplaying and otherwise decorating your personal or free company house to give it a nightclub aesthetic.

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