To celebrate the Lunar New Year, Hearthstone is giving players a new Dancing Lion Card Back. Blizzard-Activision, the developers, have announced that this card will be free in the item shop on Jan. 25, 2022.

To locate the Card Back, you would normally need to go to the Main Menu, which appears before choosing the game mode. Select Shop at the bottom left, and the deck should appear as soon as you open up the Shop.

After an update, the card should be in your item shop. It’s on the right of the second row from the top.

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

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There is a quick update that players need to wait through but the card will be offered the moment they log in.

It is the first fan card back ever added to the game, so the community remembers it fondly. Card Back design was created by Xi Luo in celebration of the 2021 Lunar New Year and won first prize in the competition. The card will be free this year to celebrate the Lunar New Year in 2022.

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