To get the D.F.A Hand Cannon, you must farm Nightfall activities during Season 17 in Destiny 2. If you want to get the Hand Cannon faster, we recommend playing Nightfalls on harder difficulties, but doing so requires higher Power Levels. For example, the highest possible difficulty you can play Nightfalls on requires a Power Level of 1580

Image via Bungie

If you are not at this Power Level yet, we recommend grinding and getting better gear or just playing at the next highest difficulty you can. In either case, playing harder Nightfalls will grant you a higher chance for the D.F.A Hand Cannon to drop as a reward.

What is the D.F.A Hand Cannon in Destiny 2?

The D.F.A Hand Cannon in Destiny 2 is a legendary Hand Cannon that has a nine-round magazine and features reliable accuracy. The D.F.A also features decent aim assist and some unique traits and perks. 

The traits it features are called Opening Shot and Rampage. Rampage grants final shots with the Hand Cannon increased damage for a short duration and stacks up to three times. Opening shot grants improved accuracy and range but only on the gun’s first shot. Alongside these two perks, the D.F.A features the perk Adaptive Frame, which increases maximum range. 

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