There are many challenges in Stray, including achievements and trophies, some of which can be obscure and hard to find. One of these is the Curiosity Killed the Cat, which requires you to wear the paper bag. This may leave you wondering where to find the paper bag and how to complete the Curiosity Killed the Cat achievement/trophy in Stray.

Where to find the paper bag in Stray

Stray Paper Bag
Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

We found our paper bag in the Slums, to the right of Morusque. It’s possible you can find another paper bag somewhere else in Stray, but this is most likely the first you will encounter. To get this achievement/trophy, simply walk up to the bag and interact with it.

The cat will stick its head in the bag and wear it like a hat. During this time, your controls will be different, and you will not move in the direction you try. Don’t worry; this does not actually kill your cat, and the bag will fall off after a certain amount of time has passed.

Once you stick your head in, you will complete the Curiosity Killed the Cat and receive the achievement/trophy. The bag will eventually respawn after you discard it, so you return as much as you like and wear the paper bag.

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