The Crystal Chime in Dark Souls 3 is a Chime that can cast Sorceries as well as Miracles. It’s located in the Grand Archives, one of the latest points of the base game. Players can make excellent use of this Chime with characters with high Faith as it gives them access to any Sorceries that the player has high enough Intelligence to use. This is how to get the Crystal Chime in Dark Souls 3.

Where To Find The Crystal Chime In Dark Souls 3

The Crystal Chime is located in the Grand Archives, a large multistory library that most players will be able to access after defeating Aldrich Devourer Of Gods, Yhorm The Giant, Dancer Of The Boreal Valley, and Dragonslayer Armour. This is because the key to the Archives is only available once Gotthard drops the key for it outside the main doors.

From the Grand Archives, players can reach the Crystal Chime by going to the left and up the stairs. Following the drop, there is a large room with several Scholars with their heads covered in wax. A passageway by the bookshelves will lead players to a narrow corridor where the Chime is guarded by a red eyed Lothric Knight with a spear. The room just past them has the Crystal Chime.

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Crystal Chime Scaling

The Crystal Chime is upgraded using Twinkling Titanite up to Plus Four and maxed out at Plus Five with a Titanite Slab. Although the Chime has scaling in Intelligence, both healing Miracles and buffs from Miracles will only scale with the Faith stat. Buffing Sorceries, likewise, only scale with the Intelligence stat. Physical Miracles like Emit Force and Wrath of the Gods will also only scale with the Faith stat.

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