The Crooked House is a new building in Roblox Adopt Me that launched alongside the Artsy Update. This house is all bent out of shape which adds a fantasy element to the exterior. It can be purchased from the player’s mailbox at any time.

To get the Crooked House, launch Adopt Me to spawn inside of your home. Exit your home and approach your mailbox. Click or tap on your mailbox to bring up a list of options, then tap Change House. This will open a new window with a list of your homes. Tap Add New Home to bring up a full list of houses, including the Crooked House.

The Crooked House is available for 2,000 bucks, falling in the mid-to-upper price range compared to all the other houses. Assuming you have the 2,000 bucks on hand, press Build to construct your new home.

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If you don’t have 2,000 bucks available, you can earn the money completely free but it will take some time. Some ways to earn free bucks is to complete objectives as a baby such as showering or going to the park. You can also get money by taking care of your pets such as bathing them, going camping, or taking your pet to the doctor when they are feeling unwell.

The Crooked House joins a list of dozens of unique houses available to Adopt Me players, with many more to come in future updates. How many houses have you collected so far?

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