Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.2 added a host of new minions, but not all of them were available straight away on release. That was certainly the case with the Clockwork Solus minion, a diminutive version of the infamous Emet Selch. Here’s how to get your own mini Emet Selch, the Clockwork Solus Minion in FFXIV.

Unlocking Clockwork Solus Minion in Final Fantasy XIV

The Clockwork Solus Minion is available during The Rising 2022 event. It’s a reward for completing the quest from the event. To start the quest, speak to the Wandering Minstrel at X: 10.1, Y: 8.4 in Ul’dah – Steps of Nald. Relive the past year in Final Fantasy XIV with the game’s director Naoki Yoshida’s in-game avatar to receive the Clockwork Solus as a reward.

As we previously detailed, the Rising 2022 event will start on Aug. 27, and continue until Sep. 12. 

The Rising is an annual event that celebrated both the launch of the A Realm Reborn reboot of Final Fantasy XIV, and in-game pays remembrance to those who died in the Calamity, a huge world-shattering catastrophe that struck Eorzea. It’s commemorated with Fireworks and celebrations.

This year seems likely to focus on the Ascians, such as Emet Selch, who we discovered the true nature of in the Endwalker expansion. Once the main villains of the series, over multiple expansions, fans have learnt that the Ascians were more of a tragic series of figures. The  Clockwork Solus Minion immortalizes one of the most striking villains FFXIV has ever had in miniature form.

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