The Classic Cap is an Avatar item with the familiar Roblox logo branded on the front. While it might not win any flashy awards, players can still obtain this item for free by visiting the Roblox Community Space experience. So jump into the Roblox Headquarters, make some new friends, and complete three easy tasks for the Classic Cap!

Game Link: Roblox Community Space

Task One: Put Up Some Artwork

There are a bunch of black chalkboards hung up on the walls outside in the Community Space. Some of them are blank and others already have artwork pasted on from other players. It doesn’t matter if the chalkboards already have artwork, you can approach any board to complete the task. Approach the board and tap on it. Then paste up to 2 pieces of art on the board to complete this task.

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Task Two: Visit the Games Area

The Games Area is the large open building with the Roblox sign out front and the 970 number posted above the front entrance. All you have to do is enter the building to complete this task. While you’re inside, why not hang out in the lounge or play a game of “Heads-Up” with some new friends?

Task Three: Take a Photo

Outside in the courtyard is a Photo Booth resting against a brick wall and in between some benches. The photo booth is hard to miss, since many players frequent the stand. Approach the Photo Booth and tap on it to automatically take a picture. And that’s it! You’ve taken a photo as required.

After all steps have been completed, click on the Tasks button at the top-left corner of the screen. If all three tasks have been checked off, you may claim your prize within this menu. Claiming your prize will award you with a game badge and the Classic Cap, which will automatically appear in your Avatar Inventory.

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