As part of the 2014 RuneScape Christmas rares event, players could win the Christmas Loot Beam from Christmas presents and big Christmas presents. This item was also available from the Going Like Clockwork event mystery boxes during Nov. 2017 as a Christmas Loot Beam token. Now, however, the Christmas Loot Beam is no longer available through traditional means.

The only way to get your hands on it today is to buy it from someone who already has it. Since 2017, this item has not been available to earn in RuneScape.

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Due to the explosion in value in the grand exchange, many investors want to acquire this. In Nov. 2021, The Grand Exchange valued the token for this item at 18.9 Million gold pieces.

Image via RuneScape Grand Exchange

In today’s market, that number has fallen to 2.2 million, which is still a lot of gold. However, we don’t recommend buying this at the moment. Next year, the curve will even out, meaning it could surge again.

At the launch of the game in 2014, there were 175,000 ready to win from regular Christmas presents and a total of 75,000 from big Christmas presents.

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