The areas in Pokemon Legends Arecus are quite large and can be a bit taxing to travel through on foot. Luckily, the game has rideable Pokemon in it that greatly cut down on your travel time. To get your first one though, you will need to get the Celestica Flute.

The Celestica Flute isn’t hard to find as it’s given to you as part of the game’s main story. It also comes with the ability to summon your first rideable Pokemon, Wyrdeer. You will get the Celestica Flute about two hours into the story from the Diamond clan.

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This flute will be given to you after you visit the Grandtree for the first time. The flute can be used at most any time to summon Wyrdeer afterward by simply hitting the + on your controller. Wyrdeer will immediately appear, and you will be able to move around the map much quicker.

Keep in mind that you can’t throw Poke Balls while riding a Pokemon, but you can still be attacked.

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