The Dec. 15, 2021, Vegetable update has just sprouted in Wacky Wizards! With this update comes a new Carrot ingredient, tons of potions, and a farm fresh area of the map. For a quick guide on unlocking the Carrot, continue reading below.

Finding the farm

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Before you can obtain the Carrot, you’ll need to find the Carrot Farm! Located above the graveyard and Spider Cave, the Carrot Farm can be accessed by either climbing the small hill or flying up to it.

Whack-a-mole mini game

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Now that you’ve made it to the farm pick up the large, wooden mallet sitting on the square rock and approach the angry-looking mole next to it. To start the minigame, follow the directions written on the Use the Hammer to Whack the Moles sign—smash the angry mole with your new hammer! After doing so, you should see a timer appear at the top of your screen, along with a counter that tells you how many moles you’ve smacked.

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You’ll need to smack at least 20 moles to be awarded the carrot ingredient, so keep your eyes open!

Carrot ingredient

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After completing the requirement mentioned above in the 120 second time limit, the massive Carrot ingredient will sprout out of the field. Bring it back to your cauldron and toss it in to add it to your ingredient table!

Carrot potion

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Upon tossing the Carrot into your cauldron and pressing spawn, you will be given the base potion for this ingredient—the Carrot potion!

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