If you want to get the Candy Writer Achievement, you will need to complete a series of steps, and here we will explain what these steps are and how to go about doing them. 

How to complete the Candywriter Achievement in BitLife

To get the Candywriter Achievement, you must get hired as an app developer at Candywriter – you will also need to be born in Miami, as Candywriter is based in this location in the United States. Along with this, you can also complete the Teammate challenge by getting a job in Tucson.

That said, start by creating a character and picking Mami Florida as your birthplace age to the point where you can start increasing your smarts stat. It also may be worth rerolling characters to get high stats, but you can easily get your smarts stat up to 100 percent by just reading a lot of books and visiting the library

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Keep doing this while also studying hard in Highschool, and move on to college when you graduate. When you get to college, you will need to pick computer science as your major, and if you have smarts you will be able to do this with a scholarship. 

That being said, enroll in college and graduate, and you will be able to apply and become an app developer. However, you will need to check jobs in your location for one that says the position is for Candywriter. When you find the job, hit apply, and you will complete the Candywriter achievement once you get hired. 

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