The Brute Force Achievement requires players to kill an Ogre with a Howitzer. Players can only gain this achievement on Veteran difficulty: The Sound of Thunder at Blue Dog Hollow.

To complete the achievement, get to the part of the level where the team must close a mine shaft with the Howitzer. On about the fourth or fifth shot of the Howitzer, an Ogre will appear from the tunnel. If timed correctly, the next shot of the Howitzer can kill it quickly before it comes out of the tunnel. If it does emerge from the tunnel, the team must lure the Ogre in front of the Howitzer again.

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This achievement rewards 15 GM and is a pretty rare achievement since it requires players to play on Veteran and make it through almost the entire first Act. 15 GM may not be much for a difficult achievement, but players will also earn a lot by finishing Acts on Veteran.

Screenshot via Turtle Rock Studios

Other achievements that require special Ridden requirements include:

  • Killing a Snitch without alerting a horde.
  • Killing a Monsterous Breaker after removing its armor.
  • Making a breaker hurt itself.

If you are an achievement hunter, there are many unique ones for Back 4 Blood that require skill and teamwork.

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