The Brave New Urianger Minion was added in the release of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker. A bit of a stealth addition to the game, you’d only know about the Brave New Urianger Minion if you were keeping a keen eye on your weekly Khloe’s Tails.

To unlock the Brave New Urianger Minion, you’ll need a Khloe’s Silver Certificate of Commendation. To get this, you’ll need to complete at least two lines in your weekly Khloe’s Tails ledger.

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Grab your Khloe’s Tails from Khloe in Idyllshire. She’s the small girl located at X: 5.7, Y: 6.0, just outside the main structure. To complete your Khloe’s tails, complete duties listed inside the book, which can be accessed by browsing to the Key Items section of your Inventory.

Once you’ve completed off a duty, click on it on the righthand side of the book to get sticker in the lefthand portion of the book. You’ll need two lines of four stickers to be rewarded with a Silver Certificate. And as you can only pick one reward per tier, make sure you select the right item.

Once you’ve got your two lines, head back to Khloe, and trade in your Silver Certificate. Brave New Urianger is one of the many minions that Khloe rewards for her certificates!

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