There are many challenges in Stray, including achievements and trophies, some of which can be obscure and hard to find. One of these is the Boom Chat Kalaka, which requires you to dunk the basketball. This may leave you wondering where to find the basketball and how to complete the Boom Chat Kalaka achievement/trophy in Stray.

Where to dunk the basketball in Stray

Stray Dunked
Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

You can find numerous basketballs around the Slums, but you will want to head to the Market. At the top of the Market’s stairs is a basketball, and directly in front of it, at the bottom of the stairs, is a bucket. This is where you will need to go to complete the Boom Chat Kalaka achievement/trophy.

Despite what the description says, you do not actually need to dunk the basketball. You can simply tap the ball and let it roll in, and it will still count toward completion. But, if you want, you can absolutely walk the ball in and dunk it yourself.

Be careful to line up your shot before touching the ball, as you cannot interact with it and move it by walking into it. If you miss, the basketball will respawn over time, and you can try your luck again. Regardless of when or how you get the ball in the bucket, you will earn the achievement/trophy.

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