Sea of Thieves: Season Three is here! Players can enjoy a cast variety of in-game seasonal changes, Jack Sparrow’s costumes, the famous Black Pearl Ship, new enemies to fight and many more.

Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean featuring Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones are in the game now and they should spice up the gameplay for many returning pirates. Players can also get the Eternal Freedom Ship, which most closely resembles the iconic Black Pearl from the film series.

Players can get their hands on these premium content by purchasing them through the following steps:

  • Visit Pirate Emporium after logging into the game and check their stock of items.
  • You should spot the Eternal Freedom Ship Collection ready at the bottom of the home shop screen.
  • Next, click on it and purchase the complete set and add the Collector’s edition if you like, which looks very similar to the Black Pearl ship in Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • The Eternal Freedom Ship Collection costs 2,499 Ancient Coins and they resemble the old premium ship seen in Jack Sparrow’s time. However, to get the Black Pearl ship, players have to unlock the Collector’s version of Sail and Figurehead (799 each) separately to reign havoc in the minds of other pirates.

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Many players expected the Black Pearl to be a part of the Plunder Pass. However, players have to pay to get their hands on Jack Sparrow, his Black Pearl and other premium content in Sea of Thieves.

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