The Back 4 Blood Battle-Hardened Bundle includes Fort Hope skins for the weapons M4 Carbine, RPK, Uzi, and 870 Express. The bundle also consists of the Battle-Hardened skins for Evangelo, Walker, Holly, and Mom. There are two options to get the Battle-Hardened Bundle: Purchase the Back 4 Blood: Ultimate Edition or claim the Back 4 Blood Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perk.

Back 4 Blood: Ultimate Edition is available for $99.99 USD and includes other items like sprays, banners, and more, but the price is pretty steep. However, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers are getting a fantastic deal just for being subscribed. Back 4 Blood is available on Game Pass, but now Ultimate subscribers can download a perk to get the Battle Hardened Bundle. The bundle can be claimed on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, or PC.

Image via Xbox

To claim the perk, open the Xbox Game Pass app and go to the perks tab. There you can find the Battle-Hardened Bundle for Back 4 Blood. To claim it, click on it and claim the code. You will also have to go through one more step to confirm redeeming the code. Once redeemed, the Battle-Hardened Bundle should start downloading.

To apply the skins, open the system menu in the game and go to the Cleaners tab to apply the character skins and the Armory tab to apply the weapon skins.

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