Clementine is the final Outsider you encounter, and you are given the task of retrieving the Atomic Battery in Stray. This is needed to power the subway and make your way to the outside. With such an important job, you might be wondering how to get the Atomic Battery in Stray and where it is located.

Where to find the robot wearing a bomber jacket and gold chain in Stray

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To get the Atomic Battery in Stray, you must sneak into the Neco Factory. To do this, you must find Clementine’s partner, the robot wearing a bomber jacket and gold chain. This is Blazer, who you can find near the Neco Factory entrance looking shifty. Speaking to the robot will give you another quest to find a worker helmet and jacket for a disguise, but only after speaking with Clementine. Here is where to find the worker helmet and jacket in Stray.

How to get the Worker Helmet in Stray

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You can find the worker helmet in the hat shop, but you cannot enter until the inventory has been restocked. Unfortunately, one of the robots, whose name you will find out is Stupulache, is slacking at the bar. You need to get this worker back to its post to get into the hat shop.

To do this, head to the bar’s backroom. Climb up the shelves and knock over the box with bottles in it. This will crash into the robot and wake them up. They will then go to the hat shop, where you must hide in the box. Once the robot carries the box inside, jump out and grab the helmet from the rack in front. If you do not get the helmet, you can reenter the store by climbing into another box.

How to get the Worker Jacket in Stray

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To get the worker jacket in Stray, you must first find the cassette tape and take this to the clothes shop. The cassette is found in the Residence, where three Companions ask you to destroy three security cameras. Once you do this, they will give you the cassette tape. Then, head to the backroom of the clothes shop.

Here you will find a cassette player. Insert the cassette tape to start playing extremely loud music. This distracts the clothes shop owner and lets you steal the worker jacket from the store’s front display.

How to get into Neco Factory

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With both items in hand, head back to Blazer. Give the Companion both items and after a quick cutscene, climb into the box. Blazer will then carry you into the Neco Factory. Once he sets you down, jump out and make your way through the factory.

Inside, you will encounter various Sentinels that must be avoided. Keep an eye out for their vision cones as they will give chase and kill you if they spot you. Additionally, you can run into a factory worker that has dropped their keys—retrieving these will get you the Neco Badge.

How to solve the factory puzzle in Stray

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To solve the factory puzzle and get the Atomic Battery in Stray, you will need to use the automated machines. One is already out on the floor, so simply turn it on and have it follow you to one of the switches. You will spot a second inside a fence—climb into the cage and pull the lever to release the second one.

Pull this one over to the switches and place it there. This should lift the Atomic Battery case enough for you to roll the barrel through and place it on the last switch. With all three buttons pressed, grab the Atomic Battery and return to Clementine.

Where to go after getting the Atomic Battery

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After you have the Atomic Battery, the factory starts an alarm, and the policing robots go on alert. When you return to the Residence, you will find it swarming with Sentinels and Clementine gone. This may leave you wondering where to go after getting the Atomic Battery in Stray.

Where to find the four objects in Clementine’s flat in Stray

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Clementine has left a note for you with clues to decipher their location. This requires you to find four objects scattered around Clementine’s apartment. These are the plant, mannequin with the cone on its head, lava lamp, and blue crystal. These are scattered about Clementine’s apartment and will reveal the phrase, “I’m with Blazer, come to Nightclub.” You will need to pull the cloth to reveal a drawer in the shelf to climb to Clementine’s alcove.

How to solve the light Club puzzle in Stray

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After determining Clementine has fled to the Club, make your way there and climb around back to sneak into the Club. You will spot Blazer upstairs and must make your way there. To do this, grab the Strange Drink from the bar and give it to the Companion Fripp for the lever. Take the lever to the hologram tower and pull it. Jump on top and wait for the DJ to reactivate the tower to climb to the second floor.

You must activate the hanging lights on the second floor to create a path to the back room. To do this, you must press the three red buttons. If you simply mash the buttons, the path will eventually form, but we pressed them all, starting from left to right. We then pressed the two right buttons and were able to make our way. Once you reach the back room, a cutscene will play, and you will reach the next area.

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