Here we will explain how to get the artisan achievement in Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil Village Artisan achievement – How to unlock

To get the Artisan achievement in Resident Evil Village, you must first get all crafting recipes in the game. To do this, we highly recommend playing through the game at least once, as you will need to get all New game+ recipes and base game recipes. 

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To get all of the recipes in the game, you will need to make s to buy every single one from the Duke. These recipes will also cost varying amounts of Lei and will unlock at certain points of the game. That being said, the following is every recipe you will need to get and its price.

  • Shotgun Ammo – This will cost 3k Lei
  • Mine – This will cost 3500k Lei
  • Explosive Round – This will cost 2500k Lei
  • Flashbang – This will cost 2500k Lei
  • Sniper Ammo – This will cost 4k Lei
  • Pipe Bomb – This will cost 2500k Lei

After these recipes, that will be the extent of what you will need to get in the base game, so here are all the recipes you will need in the new game+.

  • Rocket Pistol Ammo – You can get this after you completed the game on villages of shadows difficulty and bought the Rocket Pistol from the content shop.
  • Rifle Ammo – You will need to buy or own a rifle before this unlocks. 
  • Magnum Ammo – You will need to buy or own the hidden magnum before this unlocks.

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