The Adventurer’s Tome in Lost Ark contains a collectible item called the Armor Piece of a Knight. You can often find this collectible on the Vern North Continent, where it appears randomly every now and then.

Where is the Armor Piece of a Knight in Vern North?

Alpha monsters are more likely to drop Armor Piece of a Knight. By going straight for the special monsters, you can increase your chances of finding the Armor Piece of a Knight.

You can earn collection items in a variety of ways. Since monsters drop them randomly, good old-fashioned farming and luck are essentially the only ways to earn this. The collectible looks like a shoulder piece, so it is easy for players to mistake this collectible for gear.

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You should take it to a secluded, safe place if you plan on including it in an Adventurer’s book. The best option is usually Vern Castle, since it doesn’t have any enemies.

Open your Inventory by pressing the I key and then right-click on Armor Piece of a Knight. The Adventurer’s Tome will notify you when the Armor Piece of a Knight Collection is added.

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