Final Fantasy XIV’s latest expansion, Endwalker, brings various new content for players to enjoy. Not only are there new level caps, main scenario quests, and dungeons to explore, but the game brings several new mounts for players to collect as they play through the game’s new content. One of the new mounts, the glamorous Argos, joins players for a mission early in the campaign, only to be stripped away. Rest easy, though, as players can acquire this mount later on.

Players will have to complete the ‘Endwalker’ Main Scenario Quest to unlock the Argos mount in Final Fantasy XIV. ‘Endwalker’ is the final main scenario quest in the Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker expansion. Upon completing the MSQ, players will receive an Argos Horn, and the Argos Horn will add the Argos mount to the player’s catalog of summonable mounts when used.

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While unlocking the Argos mount is a straightforward process, the story of Endwalker is by no means short. Players are averaging around 48 hours when rushing straight through the MSQ. It’s a sizable expansion, and those who complete the journey will receive the adorable Argos as a reward. See the image below for a preview of your future mount:

Image via Final Fantasy XIV

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