Treasure Hunter offered Antique Chests during the Buried Treasure promotion. After the Treasure Hunter activity is opened, a random assortment of Treasure Hunter rewards appears. Once these chests are opened, they are destroyed.

When the chest is opened, the message, The contents of this chest have been placed in your inventory, will appear. This feature used to happen every few months but it was retired on Oct. 14, 2019.

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There must be five spaces left in your inventory before you can open any chest. The chest will give one of these rewards at least once:

  • Archon crest
  • Archon headdress
  • Archon Tassets
  • Dominion Tower Maul
  • Rare item Tokens (100)
  • Warlord headdress
  • Warlord kilt
  • Warlord tunic
  • Archon boots
  • Archon gloves
  • Warlord boots
  • Warlord gloves
  • Slayer tower shortbow
  • Wizards’ Tower staff

Depending on the Buried treasure promotion, the rest of the prizes could change. Each antique chest will contain one piece of either the Warlord outfit or the Archon outfit. Chests will give tokens instead of the prizes listed above when all of those prizes are owned.

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