Before starting this guide make sure that you’ve read our other guide on how to get the Cow Hat ingredient in Wacky Wizards first, as you’ll need that spell before you can start on these next steps. Once you’ve done that, finding the Alien Parasite may be a bit more challenging than finding some of the other potion ingredients in Wacky Wizards, but we’ll walk you through it, what else is a normal human friend for…right?

Wacky Wizards is known for taking their players on some fun journeys in order to find ingredients, and the Alien Parasite is no different. To get started, make sure that you have your Cow Disguise potion at the ready. Drink it and a UFO should appear. Then walk into the beam of light under the UFO and stand still. The UFO will abduct you into the ship—we promise it’s harmless!

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To move forward and continue towards the Alien Parasite, you’ll have to complete a series of obbys, including dodging lasers, jumping across platforms, and avoiding detection from two alien guards. If you accidentally mess up during one of these obbys don’t worry, you’ll just respawn by your cauldron and can try it all again!

After making it through the three sets of obstacles you’ll reach a control room where a small poem can be read on the wall. As of right now it doesn’t mean much, but it could hint at something for a later point in time. For now, click on the self-destruct button in the middle of the room to destroy the UFO and land back at your cauldron.

Once awake, you’ll notice that you’re now holding the Alien Parasite! Throw this ingredient into the pot, drink the potion, and see yourself transform into an alien yourself! Maybe Dumpster Diver Dan was right after all!

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