The Adventurer’s Tome in Lost Ark requires players to find and collect Rare Adventurer’s Tomes to complete the Rare Adventurer’s Journal entry. Upon entering Vern North or other areas after visiting Vern North, Rare Adventurer’s Tomes will drop from monsters.

Where is the Rare Adventurer’s Tome in Vern North?

If a monster has a glowing ball above its head, they’re more likely to drop Rare Adventurer’s Tomes. These monsters are usually the hardest to find and will be the strongest.

There are several ways to earn these collectibles. Since monsters drop them randomly, the best way to get them is to rely on old-fashioned farming and luck. The Rare Adventurer’s Tome resembles two books strung together. You will see a big bloodstain at the end of the books, which may explain what happened to their author.

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If you plan to add it to your Lost Ark collection, you should take it to a secluded, safe area. The best place is Vern Castle since it has no enemies and is the main city for Vern North.

Open your Inventory by pressing the I key and then right-click on Adventurer’s Journal. The Adventurer’s Tome will notify you when the Adventurer’s Journal Collection is added.

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