The Adventure Basket is a minion that was released with Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker that gives your character a perfect picnic basket to carry around. A static minion that’s perfect for taking screenshots with, this minion is highly sought after.

To get the Adventure Basket, there are two methods. First, you could craft it. If you’re a Level 90 Weaver and have the materials, you can craft the Adventure Basket.

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Alternatively, you can pick up the minion off the Market Board. As of writing, the minion retails on the Market Board for around 50,000 gil, with the price increasing depending on your server. In the future, the price will likely go down.

For Weavers, the recipe requires three Lightning Clusters, three Wind Clusters, three Tsai you Vounou, three Philospher’s Sandwiches, three AR-Caean Velvets, and three Straw. The Tsai you Vounou and Philosopher’s Sandwiches are high-level Culinarian recipes, so having reached level 90 in that class will also be helpful for crafting.

Once you’ve crafted the Adventure Basket, you’ll find it lives up to its static nature. The basket won’t move, and will periodically open and close. It’s definitely more of a glamour piece, designed for taking screenshots with, perhaps snacking on a beach or enjoying a scenic view. So grab the basket, find a perfect spot and enjoy a post-Endwalker picnic!

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