Wacky Wizards has updated yet again and this time it’s brought extra toxicity! From Sept. 28, 2022, to Oct. 5, 2022, players can grab the Acid Barrel ingredient for free by finding it on the map. For a brief guide on where this ingredient is, continue reading below. Whatever you do, don’t spill it!

How to unlock the Acid Helmet ingredient in Wacky Wizards

Upon spawning into Wacky Wizards, make your way toward the dance club that’s floating above the pool and the barn. If you get lost, recall where we found the Oz’s Sunglasses ingredient and head there.

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To reach the dance club, you’ll either need to use use a flying potion or swim up the waterfall that’s to the left of it and then walk across.

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Once you’ve made it to the dance club, look for the glowing green cauldron that’s behind the counter. Inside of this cauldron is the Acid Barrel ingredient!

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To add the Acid Barrel to your collection, simply teleport back to your cauldron, toss the ingredient inside, and press the Spawn button to begin brewing. After just a few seconds, the Acid Melt potion should appear.

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

Acid Barrel potion list

The list below features all of the currently known Acid Barrel potions.

644Acid-meltAcid BarrelMelt into Acid!
645Acid-boomAcid Barrel + DynamiteAcid Bomb
646BatteryAcid Barrel + YouBecome a battery!
647Acid-vomitAcid Barrel + Rotten SandwichDon’t eat that!
648Magical-catAcid Barrel + Giant’s EarMagical cat!
649Acid-paintgunAcid Barrel + PaintbrushGet an acid paintgun, warning!

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