To many players’ surprise, the popular role- play/dress-up experience Royale High offers over 200 badges for players to collect, including a few secret ones that may have gone right under your nose. One of these secret badges, the 👽 badge, was even thought to be removed from the experience entirely after its corresponding event was closed for the season. What many players don’t realize, however, is that this badge can still be obtained!

How to earn the 👽 badge in Royale High

In order to earn the 👽 badge, you’ll need to have access to the Trading Hub, meaning you’ll need to be at least level 75. If you aren’t level 75 or above, you unfortunately won’t be able to earn the 👽 badge. If you are level 75 or above, continue reading below to find out how you can unlock this badge.

Cracking the code

Upon spawning into Royale High, make your way toward or teleport to the Trading Hub.

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

Once there, enter the elevator that’s in the main lobby and press the level one button to reach the basement. In this basement is a keypad that requires a super secret code to be entered into it. Upon entering the correct code, which is area51 for those who don’t know it, the keypad will unlock a large, metallic door. Now that the door is unlocked, you can walk into the hidden control room, open a magical treasure chest, and earn the 👽 badge. You’ll also earn an in-game item as well, Ice’s UFO!

For a visual walkthrough of this process, we’d recommend checking out Della Dreamy’s YouTube video.

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