An important ingredient in cookies is sugar, after all, who doesn’t like a sweet cookie? Sugar Lumps are an important aspect of Cookie Clicker as well. If you are wondering how to get Sugar Lumps and what they are, check out this helpful guide!

To get Sugar Lumps, you must first have baked at least one billion cookies. Once you have done so, an in-game message will inform you about Sugar Lumps and your first Sugar Lump will start to grow. Once it is ripe, simply click on the Sugar Lump to harvest it. If you forget to harvest it, don’t worry because it will automatically harvest.

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This is the primary method of getting Sugar Lumps. Other ways include clicking a Golden Cookie with the Sweet effect, harvesting a Juicy Queenbeet, or sacrificing a full seed log in the garden. These are all rare occurrences so you’re best bet is to harvest ripe Sugar Lumps. Harvesting them before they are ripe has a 50 percent chance to harvest nothing.

Sugar Lumps are used to level up buildings. Leveling up your buildings increase its cookie production by one percent. Leveling up your buildings will increase the cost of Sugar Lumps needed to further level it up. Leveling up Farms, Banks, Temples, and Wizard Towers will unlock the Garden, Stock Market, Pantheon, and Grimoire Minigames respectively. There are five types of Sugar Lumps. These are:

TypeNumber of Lumps when harvestedSecondary Effects
Normal Sugar Lump1None
Bifurcated Sugar Lump50/50 chance of 1 or 2 With Sucralosia Inutilis:
47.5% chance of 1
52.5% chance of 2
Golden Sugar LumpEqual chance of 2-7Current cookies in bank is doubled (max. 24 hours of CpS), and a buff called “Sugar blessing” is activated, which increases the spawn rate of golden cookies by 10% for 24 hours
Meaty Sugar Lump40% chance of 0
20% chance of 1
40% chance of 2
Caramelized Sugar LumpEqual chance of 1-3Refills Sugar Lump cooldowns

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